The rules of Texas hold em poker

Poker is a world famous card game mostly played in the European and American countries. Since its beginning the game has changed to a great extent with an addition of numerous rules all varying geographically. The most popular type of poker that is the Texas hold em poker is among the most played and has rules that are universally accepted by other poker types. Here we explore the basic Texas hold em poker rules in the three stages of the game. Most of the types of poker are played in 3 stages namely: The blind bets, the game and the showdown.

The blind bets: The dealer is the person who distributes the cards or is supposed to do so in a game. Before the cards are shown on the table the player sitting just left to the dealer (small blind) is supposed to bet half the minimum posted bet. The person left to the small blind (big blind) bets the whole amount of minimum posted bet. Then after a round of blind bets from all the players the next round comes that is the game

The game: Then 2 cards face down are distributed to each of the players on the table. Depending on the individual card strength another round of bets continues. A player may raise the bet, call or fold his cards. If there are more than 2 players on the board then the 3 community cards are displayed on the table. After the first round of betting the next community card is displayed and the third betting round begins. That is followed by another community card and a subsequent round of betting. The tome is now for a showdown.

The showdown: This is the last phase of the game is the betting on the community cards. The showdown determines the strongest card and the money in the pot goes to his pocket. There are a lot more rules in the game. For that you need to play as much as possible also that you can get experienced and adept with the rules.

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